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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Day of Buddha

I collect Buddha statues. All sizes and colors. I prefer them to be gifts and I love it when they are unique. One of my favorites is a little tacky gold one my mom found me in Las Vegas. It's so perfectly Vegas and it makes me smile thinking of Mom spending all Dad's winnings in tacky little gift shops all over town. I have two rather large ones Dan found me that take on a weird almost creepy glow in the dark. My very first one is medium sized and very traditional. I wanted it for almost 3 years before my boyfriend at the time bought for my birthday. It has a very distinguished place in my curio cabinet. I love them all for different reasons and each one has a story behind it. They are tucked in inconspicuous corners or proudly displayed in every single room of our house.

Daniel has fallen in love with them, too. I have a small curio shelf that my uncle Joe made me that houses the ones my aunt Mary has given me over the years. It hangs in my bedroom and has captivated Daniel. He spends a great deal of time standing in front of it and talking to and about Buddha. On occasion, I have gotten one down for him to hold and look at. He has even convinced me a time or two to let him carry one of the less breakable ones around the house for a little while. Yesterday morning he was being so sweet and cute about them, saying please very nicely, not whining.......That I caved and got them all down for him.

It started with just one. Then two, three, and four. Finally, we had all the Buddhas in the bed with us. We spent a full hour playing with them. Daniel made them slide down my leg and say "Weeeeee", dance to his singing, kiss me and Dan, and hop around saying assorted things about puppies. Eventually, the Buddhas went to sleep so Daniel could have a snack.

Later, while shopping at the mall, Dan suggested we go into a little shop that he thought might have a very large Buddha Daniel might like to see. They did and he loved it. There was much laughter and belly rubbing. On our way out Daniel spotted the most colorful, cheesy Buddha snowglobe I have ever seen. He fell head over heels in love and we paid way too much for it. He hasn't let it out of his sight since. I even have a funny little mark on my right leg from partially sleeping on it. As I type this, Buddha is supervising Daniel as he plays with his Little Touch Leap Pad.

We are thinking about taking him to a local Chinese restaurant for lunch that has a Buddha even bigger than he is! I'll let you know how it goes!


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